About Instagram Stories Database:

How ISDB works? It's very simple!

You or your friend add your Instagram username to our database.
After that, our cute AI bots every 24 hours come to your page and copy all of your
active Instagram stories to our servers.

Based on this results, we create analytics of every user stories, TOP users statistics and etc. We also recognize some stories using AWS Rekognition.

Yes, we store millions of stories and hundreds of gigabytes on our servers,
just for you can go back in time and find past story!

Hope you like our service!

Some ISDB.PW facts

We save Instagram stories, here are some facts::


Saved stories


Instagram users


New stories each day


Storage size

ISDB.PW on YouTube

For those who love Instagram stories, we created a special YouTube channel.

We choose the most fun and interesting stories and create "Instagram stories compilations".

Subscribe to our channel, like, write comments, this will help us to develop our project on YouTube.

Check out one of our video:

Want to see the best of the best?

Here are some statistics that might be interesting to you:

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