ISDB really needs your help!

Our advertising provider (Google AdSense) blocked our website, because Google doesn't like our content. Content that you (our visitors) like and want to see on our website.

Google AdSense was our primary source of income. With this money we could support our servers and hire developers to improve our website.

Now we have lost this source of income, and ISDB is under the threat!
We need your help, because without it ISDB will close in few months.

How can you help?

If you use this search with your next Amazon orders (type to find anything you need in the search box) we will receive few % from your order.

One more time: just think about ISDB before you next Amazon orders, use this search to find what you need, make your order, we will recive few % of it, our website will continue work.

Thanks for your time!

Let's Get In Touch!

If you have any suggestions about or advertising, please contact us.

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